About Moving to Spain

Why Spain?

Spain is a wonderful country with a rich history and amazing cuisine. Many parts of the country have very mild weather and amazing scenery along the Mediterranean or Atlantic coasts. 

Additionally, costs are much lower than many people expect. According to the OECD, the median household income is roughly US$24,000. This means that a fixed income can take you much further in Spain than it could in many other similar climates in developed countries.

For US citizens with a government pension from government employment, your pension is untaxed in Spain according to the bilateral tax treaty and would not be subject to taxation in the US if under the Foreign Earned Income Exemption (roughly $100,000). So in additional to all the other advantages, it can be a massive tax advantage in that situation.

What about the language?

Of course the official language across Spain is Spanish. Additionally some regions have an additional language (Catalan/Valencian, Galician, Basque). However, it's entirely possible to live in English only as well as a variety of other European languages. 

There are communities of English speakers, particularly around the coasts and in Madrid and Barcelona. Most services can be found in English New Life Spain will help to get you through some things that can't.

Where in Spain should I live?

Spain is an incredibly diverse country both culturally and as far as landscapes/climate. From beautiful lush green cliffs to warm Mediterranean summers to the permanent beautiful weather of the Canary Islands. Spain has vibrant global cities and tranquil countryside living.

Figuring out what fits for you personally is part of the individualized report you'll see the pros and cons of the various options available.

Why should I contract New Life Spain?

We will provide you a personalized report and individual help all along the process of moving making the transition as painless as possible and answering any questions you have along the way.