A podcast by former BBC journalistPaul Burge with a huge amount of information and experience of moving to Spain. The episodes capture a wonderful amount of the minute details that are often overlooked when moving to Spain.

Here you can find a map of the consulates available and which one corresponds to where you live. If you are required to get a visa prior to moving to Spain, you will have to do so via your local consulate.

Climate in Spain

Spain is known for its sun and beaches, but in reality has a quite varied climate. In general summers are hot and winters are temperate. Depending on the location, snow can be common and Spain and Andorra have many ski resorts for those who are winter sports aficionados. Some areas can even provide beaches and skiing within a day's drive of each other.

In your interview, we will discuss particulars about weather and climate and what works for you but as a general rule, the further north you go in Spain, the more rain they receive.

You can also take a quick look at this climate map. Note that the Canary Islands are excluded and are generally considered to have weather resembling paradise.

News of Spain

You can find news in English about Spain at: